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Jibril Koroma Endorses Isha Koroma for SALNAM's VP

As the current executive of the Sierra Leone National Association of Manitoba been dissolved as of 1 September, 2018, and nomination is fast approaching. I want to go on record as I'm endorsing my wife Mrs. Aisha G Koroma (pictured) for the position of Vice President for the upcoming Sierra Leone National Association of Manitoba General Elections. 

Mrs. Aisha Koroma has worked effectively in the capacity as assistant PRO and also taken the responsibility  as social secretary when needed for the past two years, during which time most of the executives positions where abandon by executive member who were occupying those positions. She has also volunteered in various capacity in raising fund for our beloved Mama Salone. During the Ebola and mudslide crisis, a committee was formed to fundraise and to help the affected people in various part in Sierra Leone using a credible NGO in Freetown. 

Mrs.  Koroma served in all this committees faithfully and delivered in good terms.  She had also headed a committee to organize one of the most attended independent and end of year social which usually too place in APRIL and DECEMBER. She brings excellent credentials to this position, and many years of experience in community building. Since joining the Sierra Leone National Association of Manitoba she has worked under Abu Bakarr Kamara( out going president) direction and has been acting as the social secretary of Sierra Leone national association of Manitoba. 

The social secretary duties require organize, coordinator and oversee all social and fundraising activities to name but few, and other community outreach. In her role as the assistant PRO some of her duties including but not limited to promote the good image of the sierra Leone national association of Manitoba, to maintain effective communication channel with partner organization as directed by the PRO, also coordinate and direct activities to promote a positive image of the association. Mrs. Koroma understands the importance of bringing people together keeping good records and of dealing congenially with the public. 

And that why many people who knows her will describe her with this attributes honest, reliable, calm, thoughtful, diplomatic, good listener and above all a God fearing woman. Who is willing to volunteer long hours if needed for this position?

 I have no doubt that she is the most qualified candidate to be our next Vice President. She exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. 

She will use those qualities to create a better balance between our community and extracurricular activities. We need Aisha, Aisha needs you. Vote for her on Saturday, September 29, 2018. For a better change in our community. It is with enthusiasm that I endorse my wife Mrs Aisha G Koroma to stand as a candidate for the position of Vice President. 

As a community the decisions we will make in the up coming elections will determine the opportunities all Sierra Leone will enjoy for the time been in Manitoba. 

Serving as an executive member cannot be determined merely by friendships and social circles, it must be based on credentials and commitment.

Faithfully signed and submitted

By  Jibril Koroma