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Government and ACC Humiliated in Isha Johansen Case

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,
London, UK.

I met the government-suspended chief of Sierra Leonean football, Isha Johansen in London in the 1990s. She was then a young woman of immense integrity who loved Sierra Leone.

We were planning our first ever show in London and got introduced to her. She donated the trophies and £300 of her money to the event for nothing in return, but out of delight that a group of her fellow Sierra Leoneans are putting a show together in the U.K., for Sierra Leoneans.

I am beyond delighted today to learn that a court in Sierra Leone has quashed stupid, misogynistic and political smears against her as total nonsense.

The Isa (as we called her then) I know is above corruption. She’s far too classy. For her name to be dragged in the gutter to prove a ‘government’ is serious about corruption while the real culprits are begged to appear at a government speaking-discorama at Bintumani is utterly disgraceful.

Not that I am holding my breath, but a lot of men (and a few women, I’m sure) owe Isha Johansen an apology, including the Anti-corruption boss who only go after those his office perceived weak, and that bully of a chief minister who doubles as the government‘s prosthetic brain.

That Isha Johansen was forced out of the job of putting football in order in the country after years of egotistical male sabotage is frankly not so much her loss but Sierra Leone’s. She will bounce back. From my brief encounter with her, I know she has the wherewithal for any purposes she sets her focus on.

As for the national team, it is up to a government that pompously dismissed Mrs. Johansen’s explanation of football administration to slice themselves a pie of humiliation. Beg her to accept being reinstated as SLFA boss, or FIFA’s ban on Sierra Leone for government interference will continue. As it turned out, the government is not so ‘seasoned’ after all as the chief minister announced to the world in attempting to arbitrarily strip Mrs. Johansen of her credibility.

Learn boys, learn. There are women, and there are women - the real ones, like Isha Johansen. Shame on you, Black Pool, EE Lions and others for denying the country of the services of a serious Sierra Leonean for being a woman.