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Ima - The New Face of Digital Media in PegCity


My name is Ima, I am a graphic designer based in Winnipeg, MB with a focus on brand styling and development. ​​Graphic design has always been a side hustle for me, and now I've decided to design full-time. ​I have learned so much about design over the past few years and I am looking forward to sharing my skills and knowledge with you.

21Designs is an individually run design studio. With a goal to create cool, sleek and unique designs that will push businesses and projects forward. The business received its name when the owner decided to become a designer full time and ditch the side gigs. It is a small growing business in Winnipeg, MB with hopes of making a name for itself with the exceptional services they provide. 


You know what it takes to run a killer business. Now, you just need solid assets to back it all up.

21Designs will help you get there. Our thoughtful design solutions will help you stand out, and reach your business goals effectively.


First you will book a consultation, wherein we would get to know you and your brand a little more. There will be a questionnaire which would help in planning and be a key in which direction you want your brand to go. We can explore and start creating moodboards to kickstart the design process. This is a fun stage.


Using the information and inspiration gathered from step one, we would develop the branding aspect of the brand. That includes logos and other brand elements. Then the fun part begins, the website design. We would collect all the text and images and outline the pages. After that its to design the website.


Once everything is finalized and approved, its time to shock the world with your brand and your new creative content. We will assist you with promotion and  continue a 1-2 weeks open communication to help you settle in with your new brand and website. There is also a complimentary one-on-one class to help you learn your new website.

Publisher's note:

Ima is originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa.