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A Call to Action - A Letter to SALNAM by G. Koroma

President of SALNAM
Winnipeg Manitoba   
1 January, 2021

Dear Mr. President,

Re: A Call to Action

I hope this letter finds youand your family in good health. I write to share my thought and recommendations about the way forward of our community. However, I employ you take your time and read through my letter before any judgement. Mr.President, today we have seenhow badly the world has been affected by the global pandemic that has now crammed our own very city Winnipeg.

COVID19 pandemic's impact is an unanticipated dilemma that continues to threaten many areas in our society. Since the inception of this pandemic, there has not been any update or invitation to a zoom meeting from the president of SALNAM regarding Coved 19 or any development for our community. We/ I have seen many other communities like the Ghanaian association, Nigerian Association, Liberian association and even the recently formed organization the Guinean association. They have been hosting zoom meetings from time to time to debrief there community on development and updates about corvid 19.

In regards to that,  the  absent of SALNAM in the community, or oversighting their community members for over Ten months now has made us to raise concerns and I believed we not alone in this matter.It’s difficult to describe the range of emotions that we have felt by seen families in Winnipeg in a lock down or restriction of movement to visit their love ones. We all have felt frustrated, despair, pain, a sense of responsibility, and, ultimately, hope of where our community is heading. My question to the executive are simple, are we on a recess?  When are we going have a meeting or a community update?  Do we still have an executive or do we just have community Trio? Zoom or google due are free we can have a meeting and discuss important issues for the community.

Hence, why I am respectfully asking the president to take action, before the tie rod leave us.

Today, with the rapid change occurring across Manitoba, we seem to be realizing what Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as a “fierce urgency of now.” Our collective hope should be, that this period in the history of our organization should provoke change. In our community, to be specific SALNAM, has a growing number of Seniors, whom some of their responsibilities as a community is on the organization, just like what other organization are currently doing to reach out and check on  their  seniors.

But I believeif one was supposed to pass today. We will be receiving emails from heads and leaders of this community. “Title Obituary” Are we going to wait to announce obituary or now is the time for action. When the opportunity of having a dinner with them is not feasible at this time we should also make time to check on them by phone. But as we know, this year is profoundly different. The context of the COVID-19 pandemic bring new challenges and demands that we should care for one another as never before. Mr. President, You have an opportunity to rise to this challenge and to show the whole Sierra Leoneans community here in Manitoba the power of oneness. As you may know, many other Africancommunities in Manitoba have been planning and coordinating with their members of how to help there senior population, that are very venerable at this trying time.

Our Motto: UNITY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE inspires me every day. It guides what we do for our community and serves as a beacon in what may seem like hopeful, it is, after all, a community such as ours that can lead the way to solvethe community most vexing problems, whether a global public health crisis or centuries-old systems we can empower and uplifts, each other. “UNITY” I am hopeful because I believe fervently that, if we take this recommendation seriously and not see it as criticism our community would be stronger than before. And this is the time to act now.I often think of the progress that has been made by our former leaders the likes of Mr. Allieu Sesay, Mr.  Abu Bakarr Kamara, Mr. Ahmed koroma, Mr. David koroma, and Mr. Alex Bockarie together, since I arrived in Manitoba. To name but few positive steps, the creation of the resources Center, which we have shamefully lost. Many of us have participated in successful programs like volunteering at the bingo hall, community fundraising as part of the development of our Community. For me, it inspires optimism and the anticipation of a year of growth and learning for our entire community. 

I want to extend my heartfelt and enormous thanks to the entire community, no matter where this letter finds you, for the resilience you have put on during these pastten months. And I also want to urge the President and his executive members to start giving us update on corvid 19 and regular meetings just like other communities are doing currently for their Citizens. We have seen here in Manitoba, the call for black life matters. Many organizations sent out representatives to support the movement, but ours was not able to do that.

Subconsciously, we saw how enthusiastic you were this past few days promoting a Zoom party for the community to come together. And these are all great ways to bring the community together, it a good idea I did it for my foundation a week before you. However, you could have engaged with the community long before this time. By hosting frequent community meetings via this same zoom. If you could have used this same energy that you used to share and promote your Zoom party it a boost for your leadership. But we see Christmas past no Christmas message to the community and now New Year all we received is an invitation to a zoom party.

I hope the content of this letter will not be misrepresented and will be solely used for the purpose. Happy New Year. I wish you all the best in 2021.God bless Manitoba, Long live Sierra Leone. 

Jibril Koroma, AKA G koroma. 
MB, Community Member and a proud 
Sierra Leonean. 

PS. Good News
Here is a great opportunity that I think our community can benefit from. It calls Stay home
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