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Girl of the week:

                                           Hayaat Mariette Amara

 1. Full name:  Hayaat Mariette Amara

2. Nickname: Don't carry one.

3. Age: Age is just a number and mine is unlisted.

4. Birthday:  June 22.

5. Place of birth: Freetown, Sierra Leone.

6. Currently location: Atlanta, Georgia.

7.  Marital status: Married.

8.  Religious views: Islam.


9.  Educational 

background/occupation: I have a Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences at University of Ottawa, Canada.

10.  Dream guy/girl: My husband.

11. About me: Fun, loving, respectful and goal-oriented woman.

12.  Interest/s:  Family.

13.  Say something about yourself you don't normally want people to know: Not gonna say it here.

14.  Favourite type of music:  R&B, Pop, Country, Hip Hop.

15.  What is the biggest challenge you've ever faced?: Life itself  is an every day challenge. I have to face it every single day of my life.

16.  If you have one wish, what would it be?: Being the first female President in Africa.


17.  What is your biggest regret?: Not loving myself as much as I should have.

18.  Happiest moment so far: Having my own family.

Waking up in the morning and the first face I see is looking back at me with Love.

19.  Saddest moment so far:

The loss of my mom and dad. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

20.  What is your most embarrassing moment?: My most embarrassing moment, hmmm.  No, not here. Not gonna say it here. 

21.  Favourite TV show/s:  America's Most Wanted.

22. Favourite artist/band: 

Mariah Carey, R. Kelly....etc

23. Favourite quote: "Determination is the Pillar of Success. "

24.  Most admired person:  My Mum. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

25.  Message to everyone: Do not despise your enemies. They help redefine your possibilities

 God bless.