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My Thoughts - Gabriel Kaikai

By Gabriel Kaikai, Winnipeg, Canada.

Days months years have gone by since I was in primary school. 

Theer we pray not to be flogged for talking in class. Growing up we observed so many obstacles as a people and a nation. Sierra Leone is at a great position where we have all the mechanism in place to effect production of Hydro Electric Power which we need so much in Africa to effect industry growth. 

If the schools kids cannot find a way to practice tolerance with their teachers, learn instead of get grades by various means change is far from being achieved. 

Effective movement of goods and services is necessary for any nation to effect growth. The central Government has to encourage decentralization much as they are doing now to have a magistrate in every district, More of this has to be done with agriculture and basic resource like water. 

Talking about water, Water is a commodity that is vita,l without it no human will exist as the body requires water than blood. It is time to give the people jobs, the water needed and as a result they pay for the services. 

The Government is doing well. We all have to do well to make it happen for a nation like ours. If you look at the criticism, the Government faces it everyday, it happens everywhere - it's just human tendencies. 

My encouragement will be get your school grades without cheating and explore the best possible ways you can make in life. 

I will stress that God will make Sierra Leone with all its potential, will one day get a hydro power to help us generate industries.

Have a great weekend, cheers.
Gabriel Kaikai