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Freetown Under Seige by Street Thugs

By Abdul  Hassan Fackie
Freetown, SL. 

Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown is now under constant siege as marauding gangs of unruly and drug crazed boys and girls referred to as cliques move around the 
streets day and night brandishing machetes, daggers, knives, razor blades, sticks and acid hacking people, entering houses and stealing and staging street fights with rival gangs. 

Sadly, the hopelessly, uselessly, immorally, ineffective, inefficient, indisciplined, ill motivated, unprofessional and corrupt Sierra Leone Police cannot put these wretched groups of small boys and girls but has shamelessly resorted to order all alcohol selling bars and night clubs to close down at eleven o clock in the night. 

As I write this piece, night life is virtually completely dead in Freetown as everybody is indoors at twenty three hours, actually like observing a de facto curfew. 

Small boys now rule the streets and they send us indoors as our Police continues to harass innocent people at will.