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Focus on Sierra Leone - An Opinion by Yankuba G. Kai-Samba

Sierra Leone is facing constitutional and economic crisis. 

The president has indefinitely suspended the country's highly respected female auditor general and her deputy. 

The president's action has been widely condemned as unconstitutional by lawyers and wide ranging condemnations have from civil societies and international professional organisation 

One of the country's most experienced lawyer, Charles Margai has called on Parliament to impeach the president for constitutional violation.

Another outspoken lawyer,Basita Michael has resigned from the tribunal board set up by president Bio to investigate the auditor general saying that she doesn't believe in the fairness and independence of the board.

I understand several senior police officers have also resigned from their position. This is rare in a country where sycophancy has stood in the way of progressive democracy. 

No reason has been given by the presidency for what is effectively a dismissal of the auditor general.

What has ,however, become, an indisputable fact, to my mind, is that the president has taken the decision to suspend the auditor general few days before the release of her audit report, which is unfavourable to the presidency. 

According to the American based Africanistpress investigative media, the president has withdrawn 3million USA dollars for foreign travels and per diems for himself,his wife and delegates.  

Most astonishing revealations in the audit report was that the presidency forged hotel bills receipt.

It's been suggested that the decision to suspend the auditor general was a move to prevent at the very least discredit the auditor general, hence the setting up of the tribunal to investigate the auditor general. 

But this remain a side show by a government that is cornered and has become increasingly dangerously desperate in its handling of the affairs of the country.  

If it came out to be true that the presidency had forged hotel receipt payments, then this is a dispicable fraud that ranks very high in criminal conducts. It's also, an indisputable, impeachment offence.

Those in the SLPP who supported Julius Bio to become the SLPP presidential candidate in the 2018 election should not be dissapointed at his shambolic, crooked and divisive presidency that is tearing our country apart.

Whoever will succeed this man as the next SLPP flagbearer in future elections will have a lot of work to do to repair the colossal damage done to the SLPP under Julius Bio's presidency.

The SLPP under President Bio is perceived by many people as lawless, indiscipline,totally corrupt, tribalistic, opposed to due process, violent, vengeful, deceitful and totally unwilling to govern the country from the centre.

Bio , being an outsider, into the SLPP leadership, doesn't carry the burden of history of the SLPP from which he could've made reference to and govern from the centre. 

His leadership has set up a dangerous cocktail of mistrust within the party and the country-- adding to the delicate tribal divisions within Sierra Leone. 

This should and must be concerning to even those in the SLPP who are his supporters. 

For those who are serving in this paopa administration but don't believe in the direction in which Bio is taking Sierra Leone, I ask you all to speak up now or resign. 

Failure to do so, it means supporting and colaborating with wrong doings.

Sierra Leone is yet again at a cross road-- after been wrecked by war and corruption, we either put up with this new threat dynamics that will lead us to dictatorship or we summon the noble courage and capacity to stand for the truth and protect our democracy and the rule of law. 

Protecting democracy , the constitution and the rule of law is a duty on all citizens no matter which tribe or political party you belong to.

This is a defining moment to make a case for our collective security and happiness as a people and for generations after us.