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 First Lady Fatima "Gucci" Bio Ridiculed at Hands off our Girls Rally 

By Abdul Hassan Fackie,
Freetown, Sierra Leone.

As the campaign against rape of women, unlawful carnal knowledge and unlawful sexual penetration of girls below eighteen years of age climaxed one year since its launch in December 2018 with a nation wide tour of the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Fatima "Gucci"  Bio culminating in a stock taking of the campaign wound up in Freetown on Friday December 13, 2019, there were some very uneasy moments when some rascals who were part of the programme veered off the script and did what many observers have described as a "clear act of sabotage."

In a jam packed National Stadium of over seventy thousand people including Paramount Chiefs, school children, foreigners, diplomats, politicians, journalists, civil society, rights activists and the ordinary Sierra Leonean, the first embarrassment came when the Master of Ceremony announced an interlude of music. 

As soon as the name of the first performing artist, LXG, was announced the disc jockey started played the infamous track called, "Cherr am", a euphemistic Krio expression which denotes the tearing of a vagina by a penis. 

As the children started gyrating and raising their legs to indicate the sexual act, one could see President Julius Maada Bio and his wife, Fatima, very tormented and wanting to spring and pounce on the erring D. J. 

Withing moments Police Officers were seen scurrying to the D.J's booth and frantically scolding the poor man who, creative as his profession demands, announced that he was simply welcoming the composer and singer of the track, LXG. He further explained that he wanted to take Sierra Leoneans back to the dark days when sexual abuse was glorified and pay tribute to how and where the battle started to break the silence on sexual abuse which had now achieved strong punishments for various forms of infraction.

Shouts for the authorities to ban this music and not to allow LXG to perform at the ceremony rent the air. 

After a ten to fifteen minute consultation among the government ended, a collective sigh of relief was heaved and the ceremony continued. 

Barely thirty minutes later, from the blues came loud chants from the thousands of school children, mostly girls of," We hangry. We wan eat." Translated from Creole it simply means, "We are hungry. We want to eat."

As it became a sing song, scores of men and women in t-shirts proclaiming "Hands off our girls" could be seen hysterically moving up and down the stadium, consulting, arguing and engaging the children, and within moments food and drinks appeared which were served and sanity returned to the stadium.

Well, in spite of these two little mishaps the programme continued and from all indications one can conclude that the objectives were achieved and a lot of lessons were learned. 

However, some observers have pointed out that there were a lot of political undertones as well as greed and insensitivity of the organisers to the culinary needs of the children who had left their homes as early as 7:00am in the morning in order to reach the stadium in time. 

As we were going to press there were wild speculations as to what disciplinary action the authorities will take against the defaulting D..J.