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Etta Findlay Finally Leaves Jamaica for Sierra Leone

By Lans Omar,
Winnipeg, Canada

Etta Findlay, 52, the stranded Sierra Leonean lady in Jamaica, has finally left Jamaica on Friday with her daughter en route to Freetown.

This was confirmed on Friday by Pastor Marlene Martin of the Faith Community Churches of Jamaica who has been taking care of Findlay in her church building in Ewarton, Jamaica.

Pastor Martin, together with Sasha-Lee Lounds, the journalist that broke Findley's story to the world, and members of the Faith Community Churches were seen at the Norman Manley International Airport on Friday morning bidding farewell to a dear sister Etta Findlay.

On her Facebook page, Pastor Martin posted on her timeline: "Today I prove just how much important it is to never give up ...Etta Findley my friend and sister you one true strong woman and I can't stop cry I'm sorry you say stop cry but it's tears of joy ....Slalom my sister safe journey mama". Indeed, it was tears of joy.   

Findlay, after revealing her dire circumstances of her life in The Weekend Star publication on January 22, the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington quickly jumped into her case and helped her retuning back home.

Findlay had recounted how, when she was a medical student in Cuba, fell in love with her Jamaican sweetheart. She abandoned her studies and came to Jamaica to marry the man. They later divorced and Findlay became penniless, living from one place to another and finally ended up at Pastor Martin's church house. She has been living in the church building for years.

Pastor  Martin, who was optimistic in helping Findlay through her church, was equally joyful seeing her going home with her daughter after spending over 25yrs in Jamaica. 

Welcome back home Etta Findlay!