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Emmerson's "Munku boss pan matches" hit hard 

By Daniel Oldfield, Edmonton, Canada.


Sierra Leone's Political Satirical Singer and musician Emmerson Bockarie known for his bombshell on ruling government's in the Country, has done it again.

The release of his new Album dubbed Survival with hit song "Munku Boss Pan Matches" definitely the ruling A.P.C. leadership and party won't take kindly to this particular track, as it tends to revolve around discontent and the current situation in the Country by most of the Citizens.

While the leading opposition Party SLPP members will celebrate in grand style. Well that's the way it is. Emmerson first released his most popular "Borbor Bele " album during the Presidency of late President Dr Ahmed Tejan Kabba under the SLPP. 

Even in the Diaspora there were mixed reactions, which at that time benefited then opposition the APC. It was reported at the time President Kabba's reaction was calm retorting "they could sing any song, as long as they do not go back to the bush". Meaning in as much as they don't become Rebels again let them go ahead with any song.

Not long ago Emmerson released "KOKOBE - YESTERDAY BETTEH PAS TIDAY both songs didn't go down well with the Ruling Party. 

Emmerson is a Sierra Leonean who could say he's exercising his DEMOCRATIC RIGHT through his SONGS and that he didn't name anybody particularly, just expressing his feelings about the current unsatisfactory state of affairs situation in the Country in his own opinion.

Well, let's look at it this way, the World's most powerful and iconic president Barack Obama has been in the spotlight for whatever he does, is deemed wrong by the opposition Republican party, from day one till date.

No president in the world has been DISRESPECTED like President Obama by the Republicans.

In my opinion the government in Sierra Leone should examine the song critically, so as to ascertain where some truth in the songs lie.

My thoughts !!