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There are Some Great Things About Donald Trump, No?

By Abdul Suhood Komeh

London, UK.

1: He makes a spectacular nonsense of the idea that ultra-ego buffoon politicians are the preserve of Africa and the third world.

2: He's proof that money buys most things but never class. Is there anything more tacky than a personal jet emblazoned with its owner's name?

3: He makes the jobs of anti-racist campaigners slightly easier by proclaiming racist positions so stupid, notions of white supremacy - cognitive and so on - are being undermined like never before.

4: Thanks to Trump, Muslims have never been so visible in American political discourse even though for years, America was home to two of the most iconic Muslims of the 20th and 21st century in Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. In fact, for years and still, America is one of very few countries in the world with a unique denomination of Islam, the Nation Of Islam (NOI), headed by Louis Farrakhan. That for over 50 years American Muslims were still invisible at all is a mystery. Thankfully, resulting from debates instigated by Trump's overtly childish xenophobia, the chances of understanding and full recognition of Muslims in America have never been better.

5: Most importantly, Trump validates, demonstrates the importance of free speech as the number one quality of a progressive society. Every time he spews a grotesque idea, an opportunity is opened up for a refutation through evidenced-based arguments. Beautiful, is that not?

So from an African perspective, Trump is not so bad - a wealthy Western politician Africans can rightly compare with some of their own rotten bananas. Enjoy while it lasts!