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Alie Nasralla's Manifesto for the SALNAM Presidential Elections 2018

My name is Alie Hassan Nasralla (DJ NAZER) vying for President of Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM). I humbly crave your indulgence to support and cast your vote for me.

Since I came to Canada 13 years ago I have sacrificed my time, my energy, my resource and my expertise to SALNAM.

Even before I became part and parcel of the executive, my volunteering spirit for SALNAM has learnt me a lot and I have grown to be a better person as I am today.

I can do it. I have no doubt in you to vote me in as your next president. 

You have trusted me before by making me your Asst. Secretary General and I delivered. You trusted me the second time and you made me your Secretary General and I also delivered. Suffice to say you made me Vice President and I delivered. I can make this solemn promise to all Sierra Leoneans in Manitoba that I can do it and I can deliver the goods. I’m a dedicated man to work for my community. I have the time, the energy to sacrifice for our beloved community. 

With your support we can raise the flag of Sierra Leone in the heart of Manitoba and Canada as a whole. I rest my case!!

The following people have been selected in my team that I believe can work with me to the fullest.

-Vice President -------------------Miss Memuna Boh Marah

-Secretary General ---------------Mr. Alikali Turay

-Asst. Secretary. General -------Mrs. Hawa Tengbeh

-Financial Secretary -------------Mr Ibrahim Kamara (AJATY)

-Tresurer---------------------------Mr. Ken Abu Jasper Kamara

-Social Secretary -----------------Halimatu Sheriff Kamara

-PRO -------------------------------Mohamed Koroma (Moe)

Once again I crave your indulgence to trust my team. We are totally ready to deliver the services for our beloved community.