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David Mahdi Koroma Vying for SALNAM Presidency 2018

By Aaliyah Mansaray,
Winnipeg, Canada.

Former SALNAM President, David Mahdi Koroma (pictured), will be one of the contestants in this years' SALNAM presidential elections to be held in September 2018 in Winnipeg, Canada.

SALNAM is the umbrella organization primarily responsible for the welfare of Sierra Leoneans in Manitoba, Canada. 

The veteran sports journalist is wondering what's been happening to the organization since he handed over power about eight years ago.

Mr. Koroma is asking:
"Are You Satisfy With The Direction Our Beloved SALNAM is heading For?" 
"Are you in line with the same old Status Quo all the time?"
"Are you................? 

If you answer "no" to any one of these - then vote for David Mahdi Koroma for President for innovative and groundbreaking action proposition to take SALNAM to another level.

In our next edition, Mr. Koroma will want to you to read his "My Testament “10 Reasons why you should vote for David Mahdi Koroma as SALNAM's president.

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