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Uncle C Drops Massive Reggae Album - "Rise Up"

By Lans Omar,
Winnipeg, Canada.

Reggae star Chris Dweh aka Uncle C from the Liberian community in Manitoba, Canada, has released a massive 15-track reggae CD. The new album is titled "Rise Up".

"Rise Up" is a fusion of roots reggae, lovers rock and contemporary reggae, etc. The messages in the songs talk about peace, love, Black freedom and consciousness. It's a new CD that talks burning issues of the moment.

In track #1 "Rise Up" which also carries the title of the Album, Uncle C features Bubba B the MC on the rap side and Christie and Pearl Dweh on the chorus. "Rise Up" is wailing for the rise of the oppressed. Personally, after listening to the entire album, I've projected it to be a hit song by Christmas of 2020. It's catchy beat and the message is very strong too.

In addition to the hit song, Black Lives Matter has adopted the song as its unofficial anthem. 

"Don't be Confused" from the new album is another strong reggae vibes blasting bad politicians that are oppressing the people

Please don't for to catch the message in "Human Race", track #11 on the new album. Uncle C sings about the human race as just one people. I love it.

In another track, "Roots Rock Reggae", another banger in the CD, Uncle C throws some fire in the air about genre reggae music.

Overall, the entire album is a compilation of beautiful reggae songs.

Uncle C is Canada's newest Reggae star. He started singing in his home country Liberia where he had released two albums. After moving to Canada, he has released couple of hit singles including "Beautiful Day" among others. For the past few years, he has embarked on the release of a full reggae which is the production of "Rise Up". 

The album is in stores right now, both digital and hard physical copies are available at Silverbirch Productions and Sunrise Records. It's also available on iTunes, Amazon music, Spotify and all other major digital platforms. Don't wait to be told - "Rise Up" is a massive reggae collection never put together before.