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Meet Afro-Pop & Rap duo - Blackstarx

Blackstarx is a musical duo composed of King Koss and Young Flame two childhood friends with a mixture of talents that range from rap, dancehall, hip-hop and afro-music.  

As young boys growing up in the streets of Accra, Ghana "King Koss" from Togo and "Young Flame" from Sierra Leone, they both survived the frustration of civil wars, broken dreams, to nights with no meals. The hard life was not the only thing they have in common as they discovered eached other's talents and harmonized it, seeking to conquer the world through their music.  

Awarded by Lift International Foundation as the outstanding musical group in Arizona, Blackstarx is making good music and gainging fans all over the world.  The dream was to show the world what they've got and now the world is beginning to stand up and take notice of the talented duo known as Blackstarx.  

Opening the stage for African superstars like Bracket and 2face to star the main event in Vegas, Blackstarx is a force to be reckoned with. 

Successfully releasing a mixtape in 2012 (Full Moon), Blackstarx is back with the much anticipated single "Bonou" now available on itunes.