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Reimagining the Presidency of Sierra Leone

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,
London, UK

The current president of Sierra Leone is accused of shifting millions of dollars to his wife’s account and office. The Anti Corruption Commissioner, who the same president handpicked, has decided to bow to public pressure to investigate.

But, as par expectations, not without showing his colours as a stooge, a tool of the president and his government.

Instead of investigating the current president and his wife, solely for the allegations against them, he has decided to stretch his inquiry to the former president’s wife too.

That way, he hopes to scramble the public’s understanding; normalise his boss’s corruption, as part and parcel of the Office of President. As if we do not know that already.

Imagine being so desperate to demonstrate loyalty to your boss, you’re unconcerned for yours, the staff, and the battered integrity of the institution you head.

Imagine the arrogant, unaccountable gumption of choosing to sully the name of a very classy former First Lady, Mrs Sia Koroma, who is not accused of anything. Just to minimise a case of clearcut corruption by your boss and his entitled wife. All of that, while strutting as an Anti Corruption Commissioner.

Wasn’t the Koroma tenure covered by the Commissions of Inquiry? Oh shit, you forgot.

What a waste of time, a continuous depletion of the country’s meagre funds the Commissions of Inquiry are revealing themselves to have been.

These fuckers!

The SLPP are not even hiding any more. They think we are all imbeciles.

Look, Sierra Leone must begin a serious effort at reimagining the Presidency, make it accountable, or abolish the damn office. It makes idiots out of us!