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Maada Bio Fires Attorney General for Loosing a High Profile Trial

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,

London, UK.

If the president sacked the Attorney General immediately after losing a high profile trial, it proves one thing only. And suffice to say as some suspected: He was never interested in Justice but the abuse of power. It’s as simple as that.

And those who noisily clamoured for Dr Priscilla Schwart’s  (pictured) sacking because they hold a subversive understanding of Justice. Particularly when a government they supported is involved, ought to be ashamed of themselves. It is because of their unreserved sycophancy, Sierra Leone is where it is today.

Justice is nothing if not oriented to settling arguments in a coherent, fair, and orderly manner. Justice is never about addressing partisan interests and whims. Otherwise, what is a state?

Dazed, awestruck by political power. Every single week, a section of Sierra Leoneans, tribal supporters of government, are mesmerised by language in presidential appointments. They share these letters with pride. Not to inform like other genuine patriots do (a distinction has to be made to not malign the clear-eyed). But to demonstrate devotion: 'It pleases the president to appoint so and so because so and so failed’, and so on - almost gleefully goading their opponents. Devastating gullibility and worse.

In the last 10 years or so. More and more. Sierra Leone has become a country where people dedicate themselves to writing the most shameless hagiographies for our leaders; ‘citizens,’ constantly engaged in propagandising for our governments. Mostly unpaid. Sometimes the authors‘ last names are self-explanatory. They produce the most elementary apologia for their party’s overt incompetence. Massive undertakings, just to repel or blunt the slightest adversarial scrutiny of their God the President - a man they elected!

So backward is this mindset, the natural reflex is to prioritise criticising a former president. Rather than demand better from a serving one. Stupefying absurdity.

As it is, the Presidency is loaded with power beyond parody. Out of eight million Sierra Leoneans. Maada Bio, nobody else. Thought it fit and ‘pleasing‘ to appoint Priscilla Schwartz as Attorney General. Logically then, Bio should and must carry the can for actions she took that were/are deemed a failure - objectively or otherwise. This should not appear like a branch of science in a country of nearly 60 years self-rule.

Sadly, the norm in Sierra Leone is to deify a president. Fence him against accountability except that which he selectively volunteers. So what a juicy bone to throw at a mass of uncritical supporters, than the reactionary sacking of a minister? Bio is such an actor it’s incredible.

A constant position here is this. Sierra Leone’s main problem is the Presidency and those who worship it. The presidency is a racket. The President fails, every time, because he is never at fault or held to account for anything. Never.

When was the last time, Bio sat with a group of well-prepared and informed journalists, to explain his judgements and decision making? For example, borrowing, spending and hiring. Did he not, and with executive ‘Excellency and pleasure’, alongside the banana republic obsession with martial credentials, appointed Palo Conteh?

One fine day, Oona go learn.