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President Bio Remarries Fatima Jabbi

By Abdul Hassan Fackie,
Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Friday, 21st. February, 2020 went down in the history of Sierra Leone as the day that a sitting president wedded a woman he had already wedded in previous Muslim marriage ceremony which was essentially set aside as not confirming to the marriage rites of the Catholic Church. 

Even as the marriage issue raised a lot of criticism, especially with the argument that President Bio had married before and divorced and according to the Church doctrine he must not remarry, the Head of the Catholic Church in Sierra Leone, Arch Bishop Tamba Charles, issued a press statement in the form of a liturgical lecture in which he maintained that as far as they are concerned, President Bio earlier did a civil wedding as well as a civil divorce which do not have any basis to stop the Catholic Church from marrying him to another woman as he had never before married or divorced in the Catholic Church. 

"As far as we are concerned President Bio and Ms. Fatima Jabbi aka "Fatima Gucci" are coming into our Church as new members and we have every authority and right before God and man to join them in holy matrimony," Bishop Tamba Charles maintained. He stressed that if President Bio had earlier married and divorced in the Church then they would not have remarried him to another woman. 

Even as the debate continues to rage on, one school of thought is refusing to agree with the legality of the marriage as they maintain that wherever one marries or divorces must just be accepted anywhere while another school says that as far as they can see the Church has not breached any marriage rules and so the wedding is legally, religiously and morally correct.

A large section of the population however say they care less if President Bio marries ten women or not, as their greatest concern is the hardship in the country which they want the government to address and make living bearable. 

Even as the dust seems to be gradually settling on this matter, one can sense that Sierra Leoneans are completely divided on the issue and they will definitely store in their archives as a precedent to refer to for different reasons in the future.