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Remembering Ibrahim Bash-Taqi 

Today We Remember A Selfless Journalist and Politician: Ibrahim Bash-Taqi (1934-1975)

"Thanks, @deMonk75 for sharing the piece about the impact of modern-day cybercrime legislation on free speech and freedom of information.

"Today is the 19th day of July. I remember a great man once, a well-known journalist, a freedom fighter who believed in the adage "the pen is mightier than the sword"; a loving father, a caring husband, and a respected citizen of our country who was executed by his countrymen, buried in an unknown grave, un-honored and unsung. A man whose only crime was telling the truth. It seems so long ago, 19th July 1975; but little has changed. The fight for free speech and its challenges still continue.

"I know his story inspired you to venture into journalism, and you have been making us proud as a family ever since. We must never give up this fight for free speech i.e. freedom of expression, and of assembly: for these are qualities that make us human beings.

"May the soul of Ibrahim Bash-Taqi and those of his comrades who fought for freedom of speech the world over continue to Rest in Perfect Peace and may light perpetual shine on them.
Amen! Ameena!"

-Justice (Rtd.) Shahineh Bash Taqi (Mrs)