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Aunty Aminah - Gone Too Soon

By Lans Omar

Winnipeg, Canada.

On Monday October 10, 2016, as residents of the Sierra Leonean community of Manitoba, Canada, were settling down in the evening to enjoy  the much awaited Thanksgiving dinner, the news of the death of Aminata Sillah popularly known in Winnipeg, Canada, as "Aunty Aminah" came in.

She died in London, UK, on that very day - Monday October 10, 2016.

Shocked! Wow! Not Aunty Aminah.

Aminata Sillah was a resident of Winnipeg, Canada, until last year when she became so ill and was moved to London, UK, to most of her family members to be cared for.

She was a multicultural Sewing Instructor

Sillah came to Canada in 2004.

The talented mother had run a sewing factory with 12 employees back in Freetown.

“I have been sewing all my life: "she says: “It is God’s gift to me; it was my passion since I was 10 years old. My aunt was a dressmaker, and I taught myself how to sew by hand using leftover pieces of material from her dresses.”

After landing in Winnipeg, she resumed doing what she did best — she began sewing clothes for others in the city. In 2006, she started volunteering with inner-city women in downtown Winnipeg, teaching them how to sew with funding help and lots of donations of sewing machines and fabric. Sillah volunteered for three years, three days a week, and, as a result of her sewing program, the Winnipeg Central Park Women’s Resource Centre was born.

In 2013, Sillah was one of the recipients of the prestigious RBC Awards for the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants.

 The city of Winnipeg and surrounding are still shocked at the death of a "dear mama."

Rest in peace "Aunty Aminah."