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APC/SLPP - " Oona Go Learn"

By Abdul Suhood Komeh (pictured),
London, UK.

That the same people, who not long ago were harmonious praise-singers for a failed politburo and a leader that presided over every theft, injustice and disorganisation, are now morphing themselves into angry campaigners for justice, proves one thing only.

Sierra Leone is a failed state not because the majority are illiterate. But because majority of the ‘literate‘ or ‘educated’ in politics are flaming hypocrites.

Observe the folly; One group (APC) points out unfair dismissals. In response, the second group (SLPP) reels out endless lists of past dismissals to justify blatant wrongs. Even though we are on a change of direction, supposedly.

We are kidding ourselves. Almost every new person appointed by the new government is a well-known worshipper of the SLPP and Bio - it’s a rewards scheme. Similarly, the most noisy anti-Bio APC cryers now are part of the same insincerity. They supported theft, injustice and disorganisation when they hoped to, or in fact, reaped the harvest. They are not interested in injustice/justice in the country. Or for that matter the social mobility of others. Never. They computed, rightly, that the APC is just as disorganised as the SLPP was in opposition. And therefore an opportune time to scramble for relevance within the party, via faux outrage. Where are the decent, unselfish leaders within the APC that are known protesters of the last administration’s numerous wrongs in the interest of the people and country?

Sierra Leone is going nowhere soon because the country is divided into three: two identical loyalties in numbers and behaviour for the SLPP/APC, and a third compartment of paltry hopefuls, who genuinely want progress.

I’m afraid as things are, we are stuck with the two big groups swapping places, defending the same wrongs, extending the same rewards schemes.
Like I always say, Oona go learn.