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APC Taking Commissions of Inquiry to Court

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,

London, UK.

So, the APC is going to court. They are challenging the commissions of inquiry. They are looking for a way out of being questioned on how they spent public money, by using public money they looted, to give lawyers a last minute windfall they thought had bypassed them. Genius. Karma is such a bitch, she/he used to live at ’Long Step’, and later moved to more affluent Aberdeen in Freetown.

This is just another ‘more time’ bollocks, doomed to fail.

Here is a dream scenario for those of progressive persuasions: Wouldn't it be fun? The judge in the matter shows-off and give them a win. And then, goombay-rolls, dramatic music from a bad Nollywood production, tumbling pictures, the works. Sequenced by Bio cable-sliding into a jampacked court room, clad in a Bai Bureh ronko, to ask them and the judge to piss-off. Cue, thunderous applause from starving children, from resource-starved hospitals across Sierra Leone. Bio finally gets the chance to announce he’s the new Supreme Leader, to their faces. Better still, just to raise the drama a notch, he could even ask the Sierra Leone orator, also known as the hot-tempered Attorney General, to do the honours. Who’s the Chinese now?

Complete jesters. They know, the court is the president, the president is the court. For example their original grievance was that Bio sacked their men, and replaced them with his underlings. Some of them career loyalists of a quarter of a century. They are pretending. Manufactured amnesia. They don’t even like the idea of an independent judiciary. Like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, I dare them, I double dare them to check their own record for themselves. They could even hire both the experienced, and experience of Sam Sumana. For free!

‘Inquiry‘. Meaning: an act of asking for information. In Creole: Bomporro, Kortor Yerroh, Bainkutay, Dan, wetin Oonu do wit di contri ein korpoh?

I’ve not said this for a while. Oona go learn, Oona.