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APC Shuts Down Freetown City with Massive Rally

By Abdul Hassan Fackie 
Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Hell was let loosed on Wednesday February 28, 2018 when the All Peoples Party (APC) shut down the entire city of Freetown and environs when they came out in their hundreds of thousands in their last rally ahead of the general elections on Wednesday, 7 March, 2018. 

The rally which looked like a street picnic brought all other activities of Freetown to a halt and virtually created the semblance of a public holiday to the city. From as early as six in the morning to as late as twelve midnight, the music blared, the singing and dancing continued, food and drinks flowed and the revelers were generally friendly and peaceful as they made merry. 

It is very worthy to note that apart from one or two isolated incidents were a young man was stabbed to death in Freetown and a car belonging to an opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) District Chairman in Waterloo burnt and his house pelted with stones, the rally passed off very orderly, peacefully and free of violent incidents. 

Observers who are very conversant with the operational tactics of the APC, have stated that it is very heart warming that the party can conduct their rally in such an orderly, peaceful and friendly manner. 

They agree that Sierra Leonean politics has considerably matured and predict that this maturity will engender peaceful politicking in the country. 

In interviews conducted by 40 Acres Canada, while APC members maintain that Freetown is their stronghold, hence the massive turnout, members of other parties quip that most people, especially the young men and women, went to the rally because of the free T-shirts, food, drinks and money. 

However, whatever one may want to believe, the crowds that poured out onto the streets of Freetown and other big towns in the Western Area on Wednesday, February 28 were unprecedented, and even if only half of them are genuine supporters or sympathisers of the APC, this still give the party a commanding support in the Western Area where a party must win if it is to win the Presidency of this country.