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Sierra Leonean Man Wins $7 Million Lottery in Winnipeg

By Lans Omar,

Winnipeg, Canada.

Alimamy Kamara of Winnipeg, Canada, is the newest  millionaire, not only within the Sierra Leonean community in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but also in the entire Sierra Leonean communities in Canada.

Mr. Kamara showed up at the annual SALNAM End of Year dinner and dance celebrations on January 30, 2017 at the City Oasis Hall a very happy man. He was cladded in a Western Canada Lottery Corporation's 6/49 winners poster with his face on it and $7 million criss-crossed all over it.

The event was momentarily stopped for a moment as Mr. Kamara took the stage and was introduced to the audience as "PegCity's newest millionaire" in the Sierra Leonean community in Winnipeg, Canada, and beyond.

"I won $7 million in 6/49 lottery", Mr. Kamara was telling people around.

He got a partial standing ovation and a huge cheering from the surprised audience.   

40 Acres Canada crew immediately cornered him thereafter for an interview.

During the interview, Mr. Kamara clearly opened with: "No pictures, pleasssseeeee. My lawyer has adviced me not to talk to the press, take pictures or release any information besides my $7 million win poster."

Wow! Yes, wow.

I asked him if he's going to help the community with some funds for a community hall or something. Mr. Kamara said 40 Acres should respect his privacy policy but regarding helping the community he has spoken to some elders and he's going to give $200,000.00 towards acquiring a Sierra Leonean owned community hall or centre.

40 Acres Canada later learnt that Mr. Kamara's winning ticket was purchased a few days before the draw.  

He told me briefly: “I noticed the jackpot was very high. I’m an African man and the weather outside was terrible. The snow was blowing and drifting. I decided I would make my purchase now. He went out and bought his ticket. The ticket happened to be the $7 million winner.