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Sudden Death: Alfred Koineh Passes Away in Winnipeg

By Chairman Daniel Oldfield,
Edmonton, Canada.

"Oh Death, Where is Thy Sting, O Grave, Where is Thy Victory!" 

The Sierra Leone Association of Alberta and other immigrant communities all over Canada joins our compatriots, the Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba ( SALNAM), the family and relatives of our dearly beloved departed brother, late Alfred Koineh (pictured) whose sad demise occurred on Thursday October 25, 2018 in Winnipeg, Canada

According to sources close to the deceased, he went to work hale and hearty in the morning, but took ill, was rushed to hospital. He couldn't make it and succumbed to death to meet his devine master.

Who would have dared to tell the late soft-spoken Alfred Koineh wont be returning home from work? As the hymn goes: "I know not what may befall me".

During my several visits to Winnipeg and the frequent visits the deceased made to Edmonton mostly to meet family members and friends, I never once witnessed Koineh in an unhappy mood. He would fondly refer to me as THE PA, so I enquired from him why The Pa? In his usual beaming smiles, he would said "THE PA, RESPECT IS NOT BOUGHT RATHER ITS EARNED. Therefore, you're respectful at all times. Many others in Winnipeg, Edmonton would attest to his humility.

Late Alfred Koineh was a Social Worker and Chairman of the SLPP MANITOBA Chapter and a devout Catholic.

His last official duty in Edmonton was when The SLPP Parent body in Toronto inducted and inaugurated the Alberta Chapter headed by Ansu Kai Kai.

Alfred's death is a huge loss to the Sierra Leone community worldwide and other African and immigrant communities in Canada and Sierra Leone - two nations of which he was Citizen. 

Folks, who are we to question the will of GOD, DIFFICULT AS IT COULD BE? 

Death is INEVITABLE! When, Where or how is the mystery known only to the Almighty.

While we await arrangements for his burial, let's take heart and learn from his good virtues.

Sleep and take your rest bro, good-bye, good-bye, good bye. May your gentle soul and those of the faithful departed rest in peace!

Stay posted with yours truly Chairman DANIEL OLDFIELD'S CORNER as I've lost one of my true fans.