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Reggae Maestro Idrissa "Alaska" all set to Perform at the Sierra Leone Independence Celebrations in PegCity

By Lans Omar, 

Winnipeg, Canada.

Sierra Leonean born, PegCity's own reggae maestro, Idrissa Turay aka "Alaska" (pictured) is all set to thrill this year's Sierra Leone's 57th independence celebrations in Winnipeg, Canada. 

40 Acres Canada has confirmed that he will be one of the main acts scheduled to perform at the event.

I spoke to Alaska earlier today. He's all fired up and ready to do what he does best when he's stage.

The 57th Sierrs Leone independence celebrations will take place on Saturday April 28th, 2018 at the Nor Villa Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada. There will be a dinner and dance after the brief ceremony.

I remember my first interview with Alaska about 20 years ago while reporting for Concord Times in Freetown. After all these years, I still believe he has the flaming torch to lead the Sierra Leone music industry.  Few Sierra Leonean artists at home and in the diaspora have explored the possibilities of pop-reggae fusion as successfully as Alaska, who is enormously popular back home and in Canada, and has achieved a level of stateside success that other Sierra Leonean artists (with the exception of Emerson Njawah, Jr.) can only wish for.

His smooth voice and his comfort with the neo-reggae genre have only increased his marketability; And there's no denying his talent is uniquely seen across all West Africa and beyond.

His hit song "Mystic Lady" finds him working in an explicitly western-reggae-influenced style. "My lovely Elizabeth," a redention of SE Rogers' old school song, is a seductive smooth groove ballads that has a noticeable connection to reggae tradition, which is a standing witness that he can even sing beyond reggae.

Alaska sings a peaceful, roots-oriented form of Reggae music designed to inspire his audience and to take a more positive approach to life and social change. His looks clearly gives you a picture of a Rastafarian but he's not one at all; He infuses his music with a lighthearted, liberal-leaning dose of humor.

Alaska, whose real name is Idrissa Turay, started singing in 1988 way back in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He has earned a reputation in Sierra Leone and amongst other African musicians in the diaspora for the excellence of his musicianship and the excitement of his live shows - whether performing solo or with his band.

Don't wait to be told! Come out on Saturday April 28, 2018 and see Alaska performing live at the Sierra Leone's 57th independence celebrations.