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A Touching Tribute to Ahmed Watfa

By Lamin Costo Daramy,
London, UK.

Our brother Ahmed Watfa passed away around midnight on June 30, 2022 in London, UK. 

I woke up this morning and saw several missed calls from another fine gentleman and a true brother in our community (Bobby Nollywood) trying to reach me. My brother Francis (Cool & Cossy) finally got hold of me. With tears, he told me we've lost Ahmed Watfa.

Ahmed Watfa's generosity extended to all who knew him, oozed charisma, charm and a kindness that personified everything a community leader, fine gentleman and a big brother should be.

Ahmed Watfa was perhaps most notably recognised within the social circle in London, UK. However, he was an exceptional and often exemplary personality in our community. Ahmed Watfa was always there when the community needs him. We only saw less of him when he divided his time between London and Freetown where he managed the Atlantic Club along Beach Road.

Ahmed Watfa, you gave some of us valuable advices and direction when we started showbiz in London. I could recall just like yesterday, after my very first Flavour of The Old Skool event at Club Nollywood, London, UK, you pulled me aside and gave your feedback. I ensured that your feedback reflected on my ensuing events. You're gone but I'll live to appreciate you big brother.

May the Almighty Allah grant you rest. May your happy memories give your family and our community peace and comfort during this challenging time. With deep sadness, sleep on big brother.