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Afro Arts Productions
Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2021

The event that adds value to our disposable time, Honours for Outstanding Contributions came and is gone. So consumed were we with it, the less-committed will revert to what are we gonna do now except return to the grind for survival. Fortunately, our attitude is never to postpone sourcing the next edition of the event.

So rather than a prolonged break, from the next day, plans are afoot to make the next edition of the Honours for Outstanding Contributions even better!

Conceiving and producing a show the community can be proud of is a privilege, meaning, the most valuable wage to us is reviews and feedback from our supporters.

Judging by the receipts, we are proud to report that Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2021, like its predecessors, was a success. We delivered.

Constrained by a host of challenges as a result of Coronavirus, we had to work thrice as hard this year. Fortunately, we happen to be one of the luckiest of organisations, backed by key figures in the community, whom, without their contributions neither Afro Arts Productions, nor the Honours for Outstanding Contributions stood a chance of being a reality. Let alone a consistent success.

A huge debt of gratitude is owed the Sierra Leone High Commission. Special mention to Press Attachè, Mr Abdulai Brima and Head of Chancery, Mr Winston T Yankuba. The mission’s presence was, among other values, a stamp of ceremonial endorsement for our work at Ola During Children’s hospital, but also our distinguished honourees - Sierra Leoneans whose outstanding achievements we were celebrating.

We want to thank our brother and friend, Mr Sahid Jaff Fash Kamara. He epitomised the belief that the community deserves more. Not just this year, but every event, he has invested in ensuring the show is produced as conceived.

A special thanks and gratitude goes to Mr Abu Mansaray, a consistent pillar and support in all these years.

We are thankful to our sister and friend, ‘the third Afro Arts woman’, Miss Alice Caulker for her loyalty and undying enthusiasm. She is the background fixer every organisation needs. We love her dearly.

We are invaluably grateful to Mrs Neima Freeman, her husband Francis Fransia Freeman and their staff at Cool & Cozzy restaurant for debunking the lazy narrative of an unsupportive community. Dinner was impossible to fathom without their dedication and community-spiritedness. Just incredible.
We are immensely indebted to Miss Rosetta Cole, Miss Cindy and a mother in the community, Mrs Alice Beddor. These three ladies are the partners we needed to make the point that Sierra Leonean food (and culture) comprises far more in depth and style. Entered in the strictest competition, that Stew Green, we are resoundingly assured, is a winner with the harshest of critics. We are thankful.

Mr Akmed Akie Conteh and Mr Mustapha Moustapha Adams are rock-solid cogs of support. Their stake in the organisation is too valuable to weigh. We thank them, plentifully.

We are grateful to Mrs Ise Wurie Stevens, Mrs Kadi Sannoh Harris, Miss Petrina Kamara and Mrs Sarian Kamara. These beautiful women are not mere partners but essential to Afro Arts Productions and all we do. We know, thanking them only meets a traditional function rather than sufficient.

We want to thank two of the most professional and understanding Sierra Leonean artists. The community’s beauty and songstress, Lady Matto for an outstanding performance; the indefatigable Innocent Kuti for delivering the magic and energy the event needed. These two stars are evidence, Sierra Leone is never short on talent.

We are thankful beyond words, to all those who have always supported us with their presence. Without anticipating their loyalty and faith in us, there is no point to the event! We are grateful to them for coming again this year to witness our offer.

To those who for varying circumstances could not make the event, we were sure they rooted for us. In that regard, we are hoping they are able to make the show next year. The event is theirs too!

Finally, we want to thank the recipients not just for honouring us with their company, but for all they do for community and country. Their achievements, big or small, is hope in the idea of Sierra Leone.

The Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2022, in aid of Ola During Children’s hospital (Cottage) is on Saturday 24th September. It would be bigger and better. We hope to see you all there.