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"Thank You" From Afro Arts Productions

By Abdul Suhood Komeh (pictured),

London, UK.

We are immensely proud and pleased to inform all our sponsors, supporters and well-wishers that the Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2017 was a success. In fact, our most successful show yet!

On behalf of our trustees Mrs Sukaina Sesay, Mr Sorious Samura, Mr Alan Smith, Mr Hadji Kella, our chairman Mr Sulaiman Jalloh and the whole membership of Afro Arts Productions, we want to thank all those who took their time to attend in support - especially with fundraising for the Princess Christian Maternity (Cottage) Hospital central to our efforts. We are grateful indeed.

Putting together any event, let alone an ambitious one requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Whilst as an organisation it would not be out of reason to bask in a degree of glory, it is not lost in us the slightest, that the show's success was nowhere possible without the generosity of a number of important figures in the community.

Firstly, we want to thank our Grand Chief Patron of the night, the businessman Mr Reginald Cole for not only being a constant supporter of our organisation, but for making his time available to grace the event.

To Mr Sahid Fahiz Kamara and his beautiful wife Kadie Turay. Thank you for your support - always. Mr Akmed Akie Conteh, you are just amazing. Thank you for everything. Miss Alice Caulker, our sister. We are grateful for your love and support. Thank you. The great Moustapha Adams, the leader of the community. We are indebted to you, forever. You are dedication itself. Thank you.

To the leadership and members of the Philadelphia Mission for Christ. We are proud to be associated with your communion. Thank you for your support over the years. We look forward to strengthening our ties further.

Lans Omar, Winnipeg's finest export. Your support and loyalty is overwhelming. We are grateful. Thank you. We trust you had a great time.

A huge debt of gratitude is owed some key members of the showbiz fraternity in the community. To Ise Wurie Stevens, the Empress. Your support is invaluable. Your creativity gives us a reach we cannot imagine possible. Thank you further than words could convey.

To your most humble, Lamin Costo Daramy. You exemplify community cohesion. Thank you for always being there. To the veteran DJ Little Abdul Wahab Seisay. Thank you for your generosity. You changed the game and shot-up the momentum. To Millicent Musu Moseray. What is there to say? You have always been a part of the story. Thank you beyond measure. Zeena Sankoh and Alimatu Kamara. You mean much more than you could ever guess. You are a bottomless source of encouragement. We love you. Thank you.

To the Mammy Queen of Afro Arts Productions, Petrina Kamara. You bring a touch of class and a bit more to the event. Thank you.

To our mentor and executive choreographer, Edward Mends-Cole. Your legacy lives in us. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and support.
Mariama Dalan Sow, you are an incredible friend and sister. Thank you for being an amazing caterer. Much love. To Femi Palmer and the incomparable crew of Nubian Knights. Words are not enough. Thank you. We look forward to continuing our partnership. To Sylvester Tee-Boy Dugba, welcome back to the best showbiz ensemble in the community. Thanks for your professionalism.

We want to give a special thanks to the ECOWAS Tailors, especially Sheka and Tejan Sie for making our costumes. You guys are just amazing.
To all our special guests, especially the broadcasting legends, Mr Gipu Felix George and Mr Mohamed Dabo. We cannot thank you enough for the inspiration.

To the award winners, Rakiatu Adams, Hafsatu Kamara, Peagie Woobay, Madani Deen Gabisi, Kankay Yumkella Barlay, Betty Kamara, Dr Achmed Kamara, Sammy Kamara, Zainab Yassin, Mariatu Kargbo, Lyande Kaikai, Alhaji Bee Jack Bah and AWOL UK. Thank you all for coming from almost all over the world to make the Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2017 such an incredible success.

To all those who could not make the event for various unavoidable circumstances. We do understand, and are confident you were rooting for us as you have always done. Thank you very much.

And finally to the wider community in the United Kingdom. Thank you for granting us the honour of being custodians of the Honours for Outstanding Contributions in aid of Cottage hospital. We are committed to not letting you down.

Once again, till we elegantly convene again for the Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2018, on Saturday 29th September, thank you, on behalf of the trustees, chairman and members of Afro Arts Productions.