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Sierra Leone's Minister of Political and Public Affiars Arrives in PegCity to Grace APC Manitoba Inauguration

By Gibril Koroma

APC Manitoba Chapter PRO/Organizing Secretary

On behalf of the general membership of the APC Manitoba Chapter Canada, it is my honor to invite members of our community once again to the inauguration ceremony of our President Madam Elizabeth Johnson. The event will take place on August 12th 2017 at 826 Regent Ave west Transcona , cocktail start at 5:pm dinner at 7:00pm,we are advising every community member to please be on time as this event is set to start on time.

In extending this invitation to you as a fellow Sierra Leonean and community member, we also seek to build a fraternal relationship that is based on mutual interest and mutual respect as we both come to share very many common threads of political aspirations for a future that in cherished by all of us.

Regarding that we are also extending an invitation to you as a fellow Sierra Leonean to please join us in welcoming our keynote speaker . The keynote speaker is the Minister of Political and Public Affairs for the Government of Sierra Leone, Madam Nanette Thomas (pictured) who as already in Winnipeg, Manitoba to grace the event.

Following the inauguration event on today, we are also please to invite you again to a town hall meeting on Sunday August 13th, 2017 at the Sierra Leone Resources Center, 251 Henderson Highway at 4:00pm. 

This town hall meeting will give us an opportunity to ask the minister question regarding the development of our beloved Country.

Historically, the All Peoples Congress party (APC) Manitoba Chapter was founded on the premise of not only bringing members of the Sierra Leonean community residing in Manitoba together, but to also raise funds to support the ruling party, as well as for developmental projects in our home country, Sierra Leone.

The inauguration of our new executive will cement this foundation that has already been built years back. 

It is for this reason that, we are gracefully extending this invitation to you for you to be a path to our history.

Thank you for your committed interest to the success of our country. 

Thank you for celebrating this occasion with us. 

We look forward to be with you at 5:00pm August 12th 2017.