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By Lans Omar


 The World Since 2004

Not too long ago, probably, 10yrs? 11yrs? - this place was fun, like real fun, no Facebook, no Whatsapp, no nothing. I remember creating my Facebook account in 2004, yes 2004 the very year Facebook was born into this earth.

Today, the world has literally fast-forwarded to 2025 (YES 2025) within the last eight years. My daughter, just 10yrs, is a digital media guru; She can create, write, edit and produce an entire movie.
It's SCARY! Not too long ago, text messaging was virtually new. Today, I can Whatsapp all my uncles and aunties in a remote locale called Yonibana - the heartland of my people.

Not too long ago, I remember creating my hard cover photo album and will e
mail pictures to my friends and family across the Atlantic. Today, just a click you’re right inside someone’s bedroom and liking and sharing all their activities. Interesting.

Does that bother me? Nada.

As a matter of fact, I love digital media. In real life I make PAPER MONEY off it. I create media/s that that people pay real money for – LOVE IT. If you think I’m making this up check out

Not too long ago, people use CDs in their vehicles to play music, and today I don’t think anyone does that anymore. I can’t even remember when was the last time I touched a CD, everything is in the stick on the go - wow!

On the financial side, I can’t even remember when last I carry cash or a bank card, please don’t ask me what I’m using to pay for my stuff. It’s called Apple Pay, Paypal, Paper Money, etc. This current era is running out of all the digital options available.

My biggest fear is what this world is gonna be in 2025.

Just my thoughts fellas, enjoy your day.

The Golden Child.

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