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NGC - The New SLPP?

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,
London, UK.

I think there is truth in the view that the NGC is SLPP Part 2. 

But it’s half the truth and perhaps the real problem in Sierra Leonean politics: there are not enough politicians with the inner depth of soul, unshakeable character, real courage and moral honesty to walk away on principle. If there was, the question should be, where is the APC Party Part 2?
Since there is none, does that mean every senior figure is quite happy with the party’s openly autocratic trajectory in decision making? What benefit is that to democratic maturity in the country?

Endlessly, we hear the line, ’nar wetin the party say’. But who the hell is the party if members don’t have a say on anything but wear sychophantic ‘THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT‘ t-shirts?

There’s a saying I saw the other day that I liked, ‘what you allow is what will continue’ (anonymous).

I think NGC members and supporters shouldn’t be concerned by petty ‘SLPP Part 2’ recklessness. They should be proud. Their movement for change has attracted former SLPP members whose understanding of ‘country before party and pocket’ is not lip service, but meant. And there’s a word for such a quality: integrity.

Former SLPP members felt Julius Maada Bio had unfairly entrenched a hold in the party that was contemptuous to simple democratic norms. So they left. That’s admirable, not something to douse scorn on.

The APC on the other hand is proving itself, everyday, a Communist movement with a Dear Leader for Life, in 2018, who warned comrades not to ‘cross him’. 

And they obeyed. Such children.